Configure View panel

Hi, need some help for configure a view panel proface and upload scada like show us in a video on where one view panel but is allen Bradley run an Ignition application
the view panel is Proface GP2500.
I need your help,
thanks :frowning:

I don’t personally have a lot of details for you, but in the description of the video there are a couple hints:

  1. install the open-source .NET VNCViewer on the Panelview
  2. the panelview is using Factorytalk View ME
  3. you can launch the Ignition client with the ME Program Launcher (an ActiveX control that comes with Factorytalk View ME)

This example is using Ignition’s Mobile module, which means you are launching a web browser from the ME Program launcher and pointing it to the Ignition Gateway’s mobile project URL.

I hope this helps!