Configure web page problem

Hello again!
Today have new problem. I can’t open the webpage “Configure”.
Pages Home and Status opening good.

A few hours before i can’t open the console in the Configure.

In Status can’t open the OPC Connections.

Service and Server restarting not helpful.


What do you mean when you say you can’t open it? What do you see? Does it just hang?

What is it doing when you click on the Configure tab? Does it show the web page as loading and nothing happens? Can you please be more descriptive.
Also, what version of Ignition and Java are you using?
Is there anything in the wrapper.log?

  1. Ignition 7.6.6, Java 7 update 45.
  2. Today was better after 3 restarting of server, pages opens but when i try to open “Devices” it goes loading again.
  3. maybe it was helpful or New question:
    In System Status where “Memory (used/max)” - used memory changes from ~600mb to ~1200mb in 8-10 seconds. ~(40-60)mb/sec. When goes to ~1200 it decreases to ~600 and changes goes again…

P.S.: when i trying to open the page - it goes to infinite loading.
P.P.S.: where if the wrapper.log ?

The wrapper.log file is located in \Inductive Automation\Ignition\logs\ folder (typically, that will be C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\logs\ )



Here the log-files

Today take this lag again.


Looking at your logs I see A LOT of print statements. You may want to turn these print statements off as they are probably stopping any useful information about your problem. Additionally, this may be the reason you are having the issues with the gateway. The print statements are taking place as often as 25 times a second. That statement has something to do with clearing port buffer. Take a look at app.EMS in your project.