configureCell Return Attributes Syntax

I have a configureCell script set up to change the font of specific cells in a power table. Is there a list of attributes that can be returned in the dictionary and their syntax?

“font” : “Lucida Console, Plain, 12” works
“Foreground Color” : “213,213,213” does not work

Would be nice to know exactly which keys and value types it’s looking for.

From the manual:

Provides a chance to configure the contents of each cell. Returns a dictionary of name-value pairs with the desired attributes. Available attributes (and their Java types) include: ‘background’ (color), ‘border’ (border), ‘font’ (font), ‘foreground’ (color), ‘horizontalAlignment’ (int), ‘iconPath’ (string), ‘text’ (string), ‘toolTipText’ (string), ‘verticalAlignment’ (int).

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Oops, I hit send before I was ready. :roll_eyes:

I think you can define it close to the way you had, but you may have to import java.awt.Color to do it.

That said, here’s a couple of easier ones:
A hex value {'foreground': 'D5D5D5'}
A named color {'foreground': 'blue'}

system.gui.color(213, 213, 213) would also work.


Any way to return a template to show in the cell?

Not trivially. Technically you could embed a live component, but it would take some serious finagling.