configureCell Script on Power Table Causes Designer to Crash on Window Load

After writing a script in the configureCell component of a power table on one my popup windows in the designer and clicking ‘Apply’, my designer froze. It had been awhile since I performed a save operation, so I pressed ctrl+s and hoped for the best. At one point, I noticed the saving text appeared on the bottom left of the designer, indicating my project had been saved, and a client I had running to debug at the time received an update push. I accepted the update. My designer continued to be locked up after this save operation occurred, and when I pressed a button I had configured to open the popup window on the client, the client proceeded to crash.

After waiting for some time, I decided to kill the designer and client via task manager. I am able to open the designer from a fresh launch; however, when I try to open the popup window in the designer to remove the code that caused this issue, the designer freezes again. Therefore, it is impossible for me to remove the code causing the window to freeze. Does anyone have a workaround for removing code from a script on a component in a window without actually opening the window itself?

Apologies for not having any code to show. As I said, I’m unable to load the window to get to the code, and the designer freezes when I try to open the window, so I can’t retrieve an error message either.

You’ll have to dig around in the XML. Without opening the window, hold “shift” while right-clicking on the window in the Designer Nav Tree. You’ll have an option near the bottom to export the window as XML to the clipboard. The XML is verbose and cryptic, but sections of script tend to stand out. Fix it in your favorite external editor. Copy the fixed XML back to the clipboard, then shift-right-click the window in the Designer again. Use the “set XML from Clipboard” to replace the window XML with your updated XML.


Sounds like an infinite loop, or something along those lines. When the designer is open, turn the gateway communications off. It is where you change the read only to read/write mode.

If it freezes completely you may not be able to do this, but I had this once and was able to do this. It did take a while after clicking the comm off before it actually turned it off.

EDIT: I just realized that you said in configureCell, so you probably aren’t doing any tag or query operations, so this probably won’t work

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That worked perfectly! Thanks so much for the suggestion.

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