configureEditor dropdown not selectable

So I’m trying to get a dropdown selection box on a power table in a window. I have the configure editor, iscelleditable, and oncelledited all enabled. I have other columns that are edited by manually entering text, but I want a dropdown list in one to limit the choices. Here’s the code in the configureEditor function.

if colName == ‘Downtime Cause’:
return {‘Cause’: [(0, ‘Supplier/Quality Issue’), (1, ‘Not in Stock/Inventory Descrepency’), (2, ‘Manufacturing/Controls Engineer’)]}

Once I enable this, whichever colName I put in just becomes unable to be selected at all. I’m very confused as to what is causing this.

Your returned dictionary needs to have the literal string options as the key that contains the list:
return {'options': [(0, 'Supplier/Quality Issue'), (1, 'Not in Stock/Inventory Descrepency'), (2, 'Manufacturing/Controls Engineer')]}

This was the problem, thanks.