Configuring Client/Designer VM Args

Question relates to this post in a previous thread …

I’d like to be able to configure a VM argument for the Gateway, Clients & Designers. We added one to ignition.conf and that took care of Gateway. How can we set a VM argument to be used with Clients and Designers?

No, you cannot set arbitrary arguments for the client right now. The only setting you can adjust is the memory.

What VM argument do you need to set?

[quote=“Carl.Gould”]What VM argument do you need to set?[/quote]Previously, it was the -XX:-UseSplitVerifier argument but that’s no longer the case. We were just curious going forward if their was any mechanism to do so. As an example, I’ve used an arg before to run an application in a sort of debug mode. If my application detected the argument, it’d execute a handful of strategically placed Thread.sleep()'s, execute a few loops 5 times instead of 5000, etc. so forth. Additionally, I suppose debugging options like -XX:-TraceClassLoading might be useful.

Some of the options we aren’t allowed to pass through web start, although I suppose we could give you the option and let you decide what to try and pass and what not to.

One useful trick is that you can launch a client by hand using [tt]launchclient.jar[/tt] and a shortcut. For example, this is the command that would launch a project named “MyProject” on a server located at - you should be able to extrapolate for your own uses:

javaw -classpath launchclient.jar -Xmx512M -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false com.inductiveautomation.ignition.client.launch.BootstrapSwing