Configuring FactorySQL on a new machine

I have just installed FactorySQL on a customer’s machine and came across a potential problem. It would appear that the FactorySQL Settings (Data Connection, Redundancy, SQLTags etc.) are held separately from the saved Projects. This means that when you copy a Project to a customer’s machine, you have to manually edit all the FactorySQL Settings before things will work.

Is this correct or am I missing something?

Try using the “Backup/Restore System” options rather than the “Import/Export Project” settings. They’re right next to each other in the File menu.

Thanks Carl. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the help file covering the (many) forms of backup and restore. In case others were also confused I thought the following may help:

It may be clearer if the Backup/Restore System were renamed Backup/Restore Service. What do you think?

What is the function of the Export/Import Project? How is it different to just opening and saving a Project?

Finally, the CSV Export/Import may be better called Group Export/Import as it only exports Group information. (There’s a typo in the csv file - ‘High Esclusive’ instead of ‘High Exclusive’.)

Hi Al,

Yes, I agree that it may be a bit confusion. I think we’ve changed the wording more or less in every somewhat significant version of FactorySQL :confused:

The key thing about importing/exporting a project, in opposition to simply opening and saving, is that you’re actually sending it down to the service and erasing what’s currently there (still, just the project, not the settings).

I think probably the best solution would be to have one single export option, and pop up a dialog that let you select what to include. Then, on the import, it would have a similar dialog allowing to choose from what’s available: ie, “import groups & database connections, but not other settings”.

As for the typo, well… no lunch break for QA today. :stuck_out_tongue: