Configuring Ignition directly to our company private domain (DNS)?

How can I configure our Ignition directly to our company private domain?

Your company would have to configure it (in DNS). That's not something your Ignition install controls.

so, means I have to configure in DNS on our company private Domain right? What the thing we need to do this? Example, SSL certificate or anything else?

You need to:

  • Configure your private DNS to return the correct internal IP addresses for the fully-qualified domain names (FQDNs) you wish to use with your servers.

  • Obtain certificates for those hostnames, preferably with the corresponding IP addresses as subject alternative names.

  • If the certificates are signed by a private Certificate Authority, you must ensure all client software has that CA's root certificate installed.

  • Install the certificate in Ignition, along with the root certificate and any intermediate certificates (aka certificate chain).

  • If you did not get IP addresses added to the certs as alternates, you must change all client software to connect via the FQDN instead of by IP address.

already done do this.. but we have problem CA certificate..

That can mean the certificate chain is out of order. Ignition needs them in order from innermost to root. Some CA's provide the package in the other order.

You mentioned your company in the first post. Maker is not for commercial use.



yes i know.. right now my company are just doing for testing only.. :grinning:

Then use the full version with Perspective in 2-hour trial mode.

It is not allowed in a work environment even for that.

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