Configuring Ignition to accept the PI Connector for OPC UA

I am trying to use the PI Connector for OPC UA to obtain data from Ignition. I have created the Destination, the Relay, the connector, and the data source. I have been trying to use opc.tcp:// [SignAndEncrypt:Basic256Sha256:Binary] I get the following when trying to discover data.

Error encountered while running discovery task for data source - Ignition_DEV with ID ‘45a5c969-516d-4e77-8790-5927a94ff14c’. Details : Unable to connect. Please check the message log… See the PI Connector message log for information.

The administrator of the Ignition system has enabled the OPC UA server to accept the Anonymous authentication. I plan to try that authentication method as well.

Are there any logs on the Ignition side? Has the Ignition admin restarted it since allowing anonymous authentication?

Unless something has changed I think the Ignition server also has to be configured to allow insecure connections in addition to secured connections because the OSI PI client is broken and can’t follow the endpoint URL in the endpoints it receives from the GetEndpoints service. This change would also require a restart.

I have changed the configuration to the discovery endpoint to use none and it is discovering the data source contents now. Thank you for responding.