Configuring Oracle XE 11g to Connect with Ignition Database

Hello, I am new to this ignition service, can anyone please help me out configuring the igntion server to connect to Oracle Application express DB.

I have read all instructions here : … 33B2A9D81A

and followed them, but still my database is faulted in the igntion gateway server.

Attached are files containing the errors and how im following the instructions, Im sure that the DB tables are created automatically when the ignition gateway is connected to the DB.


One more Image, showing configuration of the ProcessDB in Igntion server.

I’ve never set up Ignition with Oracle, but is the username case sensitive? The Oracle console is showing the username is ‘TEST’ and in Ignition you have ‘test’.

Usually the connect url for the expression edition is:


with username SYS or SYSTEM (all uppercase) and whatever password you used in the installation.

Hi Travis,

Thanks for replying.

I have changed the SID to XE as mentioned and the username to SYS & SYSTEM, with the password that I specified during installation and that works in Oracle Application express. But still the database connection is Faulted in Ignition gateway. pls help.


Please go to the Database Connection Status page in Ignition - this will help you narrow down the reason that the connection is faulted.


If you click over to “Status” and then “Database Connections”, you will see more information about why the connection is faulted. Posting this will help us offer suggestions.


Travix, Carl , Colby … Thank you very much for your kind help.

I have the database connected, up and running now on my PC.

The username is SYSTEM and the settings as you mentioned are XE.


Please guide me further on how to link this with my organizations ERP, Oracle E-business Suite 11i

Thanks once again.

I guess the question at this point is where and how do you want to integrate Ignition with Business Suite? I’m guessing you want to pull information into Oracles SCM module?

Well you can say that,
the production data needs to be linked to SCM module,
OEE needs to be linked to HRM module, and CpK links to something different,

has anyone done this before ?

People have done this, but as I understand it the variations that occur from install to install prevent a nice clean “How-to” on accomplishing this. That, and we just aren’t familiar enough with Oracle SCM to guide you much. Basically, your question is too broad to be answered simply.

Now you get the the hart part: good old-fashioned integration work. You’re going to need to bring in someone who’s familiar with how your Oracle install is set up.

Thanks Carl, yeah we had external company setup oracle for us, we will contact them.

Thanks for your help.