Configuring Siemens adressing is failing in Ignition 8.0.6?

Dear all,
I am testing Ignition 8.0.6 in a Linux Centos7 machi9ne. I have connected to a siemens LPC1500 successfully and now I am trying to manually specify each address following the documentation:
The instructions say:

To manually specify each address

  1. From the Designer, in the Tag Browser , right-click on Tags folder, and then go to New Tag > OPC Tag .
  2. In the Tag Editor window, as an example, you can set the following values:
    Name: Tag
    Data Type: Int4
    OPC Server: choose Ignition OPC-UA Server with the edit button on the right.

OK, the OPC server cannot be selected. I select it while using the edit button on the right, and when I commit the change, this is not recognized, the corresponding field remains white and the selection is not recognized. Any idea of what am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much!

I think there is an outstanding bug in the OPC Server selection drop down UI.

You can just type the name in instead of using the selection UI. Make sure you include all spaces, hyphens, capitalizations, etc… as it’s case sensitive.

Yes, thank you so much Kevin, this has worked.
Have a nice evening