Configuring Sierra Wireless RV55 model 1104302 in Thailand with AIS cellular

I am helping a customer who originally bought an RV55 LTE-A Pro for use in North America. We had the device successfully configured and working with Verizon at one point.

The customer decided they wanted to go another route and wanted to send the hardware to Thailand to work at a factory in that region. The particular region has full internet access and we have tried the SIM card with a regular phone and received a full connection.

This is the hardware.

  • Sierra Wireless AirLink RV55 1104302 Rugged LTE-A Pro Router with Wi-Fi. North America. DC Power

  • AirLink Sierra Wireless Airlink Paddle Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE Antenna - SMA, Black, 6001110

  • Sierra Wireless AirLink Paddle WiFi Antenna - 2.4/5GHz - 6001111

There are a multitude of issues that could be the root problem ranging from wrong hardware, locked SIM, wrong frequency, bad configuration for new network, incorrect override APN, etc.

I am leaning towards wrong hardware as Sierra produces a North America version and Global version of the product. I am wondering if anyone has configured one of these in the global region and what product did you use? Alternatively, is anyone able to confirm that the North America version will not work elsewhere.

We talked to a Sierra representative and they claim the North America version will work on a global scale but I hypothesize there is something holding us up on a hardware level.

We were able to identify that the SIM card did not include an internet plan and therefore would not work. We got the plan changed to include an internet plan and the RV55 (1104302) was able to connect successfully.