Configuring SVG element events from the proper editor

Hello everyone,
I have created an svg but after embedding it to perspective, the individual components are present in the editor panel but not clickable in the view section. I want to add events to specific elements. Is there a way I can add the the events from the property editor section. An example, can I add a pop screen to the red element onclick from the property editor.

Not natively no, but you can inject some java scripts
i got an example here

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Thanks a lot @victordcq. One more thing, could you give some context on how to use the file the designs.

im not sure what you are asking here.

the file proviced is a view that can be imported. it has the markdown, which containt the injected script. and some example svg and text fields that show how it works

the value in de markdown expression binding (key)
is the root.custom propty name i sends the data too

the value that i retured on click is the first name that is find going up the svg element

you could use the root.custom property its onchange event as "onclick" event