Confirm property for all buttons

Some buttons do, some don’t have the “Confirm?” property. I got used to using it right away and was dismayed when I found the Momentary and Toggle buttons were lacking it. I know I can script my way out of this, but I shouldn’t have to.

I’ve made a ticket to add this feature.

Is there any indication of when this will be implemented? I can use the system.gui.confirm function, but for a momentary button it becomes a little kludgy to wait for the confirmation before writing the value.

Nevermind, I was trying to use a momentary button as a one-shot button. A momentary button shouldn’t need a confirmation as it is on for as long as the button is pressed.

I am still needing a confirm popup on a momentary. What is a streamline way to do this? Obviously, popping up confirm before control value is changed.


Can you not just launch a popup from the initial button press and then put the momentary button on the popup?