Confirmation dialog style on one-stop button

I have two buttons "power off" and "power on" which are "one-stop" types. On one of them "power off" the confirmation dialog appears as a modal-type dialog, taking up the entire screen with a black background. On the other "power on" it appears as a tooltip-style near the button. I am not sure where this is configured and as far as I'm aware they should have the same behaviour, as I haven't configured it anywhere and one is a copy of the other. I would prefer the modal-type for both, or at least have them consistent.


The determination as to whether or not to display as a modal is made based on the available area immediately surrounding the One-Shot Button. I suspect the instance you have which opens the modal is near the edge of the viewport and is probably smaller than the default size.

If I recall correctly, the confirmation popover requires about 80px of space above or below the originating One-Shot Button, as well as approximately 65px of space to the left and right of the center of the One-Shot Button. If either of those conditions are not met, the popover opens as a modal instead. So if your One-Shot Button is near any of the edges, and is less than 130px wide, you'll likely see the modal instead of the popover.

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Ah OK yep spot on - One of the buttons is at the bottom of the page.

Any way to enforce the modal behaviour?

Yes. Place your One Shot buttons against the edge of the screen and make them small. That's it - there is no configuration available to "force" the modal state because it's a responsive behavior.

Ah, OK thanks. I'll have to think of another solution.