Confirmation when deleting screens and templates

So, we get spammed with confirmation popups when it is not really necessary, but when something is not undoable, there is no confirmation? This happened to me twice now. First time my finger slipped when right clicking on a screen in the tree view. Finger slipped, and the mouse had unfortunately been above the delete option. Poof, screen gone, no confirmation. Second time I was working on a template., Right clicked in the template screen and somehow ended up clicking delete, POOF, template gone, no confirmation.

Get this fixed! Confirmation ALWAYS for things that cannot be undone, NO confirmation for those actions that can be undone.

This has been discussed here several times, and there are a couple different takes. Some parties want the undo function improved (i think is a good idea), some want confirmations for everything. I don’t know if the idea has been floated, but i would love to see a “don’t ask me again” option, or maybe project settings on when to prompt (:

I think we all can agree that deleting something that cannot be undone should have a confirmation.

I think you should be able to choose when you are prompted, i may be the odd one =x
To be fair, i do lean more towards your point when it comes to delets, my primary gripe is with this one:
Please Please, let me “pick don’t ask me again”!

Can you provide a sequence of steps where you don’t get a deletion prompt (and can’t undo) a window or template deletion?

Whatever I do, I’m getting a prompt and the ability to revert the delete via undo. It sounds like you hit an obviously unfortunate bug, so if we can figure out exactly how you did it, we can fix it.

I had a screen open and was wanting to edit the scripts attached to it, so I right-clicked on the screen entry in the project explorer and moved the mouse down the length of the context menu. I got distracted and went to far, down around the delete option. When I went to move up to the scripting option, my finger slipped and the screen closed and disappeared. When I just tried to this on purpose, A confirmation dialog popped up. So I guess I am not really sure what happened here. If this ever happens again, I will try my best to figure out what happened.

Was working on a template, right-clicked to do something, and errantly clicked again. Template disappeared. I just assumed I clicked on delete. I tried doing this on purpose, and a confirmation was displayed. One again I find myself unable to really explain what happened. I will have to keep an eye out for this as well.

I tried all kinds of things to try to reproduce these events and could not reproduce them.

This one was the first instance accidentally deleting a screen. I think this functionality is designed, but I think it should not be this way.

Open a window, select the tab for the window at the bottom, hit delete - This does show a confirmation, but I believe you should not be able to delete a screen this way because of the many confirmation popups we get when deleting things on the screen. I accidentally deleted a screen this way because I clicked on the tab while trying to select something at the bottom of the screen. We get used to that popup, so it becomes second nature to just hit yes without reading the text.

Actually, that was sufficient. I see a branch in the code that could be hit in a few different ways that doesn’t correctly add itself to the undo history. I’m going to file a ticket for that.

I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with your core points about prompts; obviously it’s hard to please everyone, but we don’t really have any mechanism right now for persistent designer-local preferences. Once we do, exposing something like that for configuration is a lot more plausible.


Hey, I’m just happy to see you guys pay attention to the forums :wink:

Thanks for taking a look.

Also know that project resources are not truly deleted on the gateway until you save. If you deleted and can’t undo, don’t save, restart designer and poof, they’re back

Kind of related:
Why do we have to exit Designer and restart it when the connection to the gateway is lost? Why can Designer not maintain the project state and recover when the connection comes back? (I’m just curious what the technical reason is.)

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I think this has to do with how the idp authenticates sessions. Once the session has terminated you have to relogin

I also filed a ticket to expose UI to “revert” local changes that haven’t yet been saved, since that seems like a convenient thing to be able to do.

There is a ticket for better session persistence for IdPs, but as I understand it there’s some technical hurdles that we have to iron out.


The ticket Paul G mentioned (6581) is complete (see below). It is part of a larger Epic (407) for reducing the pain point of having to restart the designer after an IdP-authenticated session has recovered a lost connection with the Gateway.

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