Confirmation window (system.gui.confirm)?

I have a button that after clicking I would like a confirmation yes/no to pop up to ensure that the user wants to do that…basically an “Are you sure?” function.

I’ve been in the component scripting properties and can’t figure out how to do this based on mouse -> mouseclicked. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Ryan,

Select the mouseClicked event in the Component Scripting window. Then choose the Navigation tab. In the “Action Qualifiers” section there is a “Confirmation” button. Press that button and select the checkbox to require confirmation.

You can also always write your own Python scripts in the Script Editor tab.

if system.gui.confirm("Are you sure you want to open this window?", "Confirm"):
	win = system.nav.openWindow("MyWindowPath")


Thanks for responding Nick…I don’t want to open a window though. When the button is pushed it takes a value and moves it to another tag. I want to use confirmation window so that the user can ensure he didn’t fat finger a number before the number is sent. I was hoping I can use scripting so that when it is pushed a confirmation window will pop up and when it is confirmed then the button would change to a value of 1. I hope my explanation makes sense.

Yes, then use the Set Tag Value tab instead of the Navigation tab in the Component Scripting window. The Set Tag Value tab also has the button “Confirmation” for adding a confirmation popup before doing the action.

Or modify the script I gave you above to write to a tag instead of opening a window. More information about writing to tags in scripts is in the video at this link: … iting-tags