Conflict of template Mouseover Text and instance mouseEntered Event script

I have a template that has a Mouseover Text that is simply and extended description of the component. I then used several instances of the template in a window with their given custom properties. An idea was brought up to then highlight a path when the mouse was over the object. This path would be unique to each instance of the template on the window so the script to change the path properties, color and width, was placed in the mouseEntered and mouseExited events of the instance, so not in the template. It was found that having the Mouseover Text set in the template would not trigger the script in the mouseEntered event. When the text was removed the script would work properly, as soon as it was put back in, the script would not function. Further, it was seen that this didn’t occur when the Mouseover Text of the instance was used along with the scripting in mouseEntered and mouseExited.
Is there something that is being missed or is this a little glitch? For the most part it is an inconvenience, outside of the time figuring this out, to have to remove the template Mouseover text and then individually add it to each instance considering that each instance will have individual script anyhow.

In java swing, events are consumed at the innermost component that listens for them. A non-empty mouseover text requires mouse listeners on that component. What you are describing is expected behavior for any java swing application, not just Ignition.