Confused about differences between Vision and Perspective

I am currently going through the inductive university trying to obtain my 8.1 credential. The visualization section has confused me when the switch from vision to perspective took place.

Originally, I did not even know it happened and only realized when topics that were already covered came up again with different instructions. I am confused by use cases of the two. Are they interchangeable? Are they just different modules for the designer? Is one better suited to certain use cases than others? Am I stupid for not understanding they are different?

This seems like a large misstep in the inductive university program that I was greatly enjoying until this confusion. Any explanations or links to appropriate sources would be greatly appreciated.

Perspective and Vision are two distinct visualization systems.

Vision is based on Java Swing. As a result, it is effectively "locked" to only ever running on full-fledged computing devices - desktops, laptops, and certain classes of tablets that run "full" desktop OSes.

Perspective is based on web technologies - specifically React, and thus can run directly on
any hardware that can run a modern browser - so desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and lots of other neat stuff. However, by nature of running in the browser environment, Perspective is also subject to more restrictions. You can't directly access the filesystem of the device running a session, or ask it for certain persistent identifying information, and a bunch of other tradeoffs.

Some context, still mostly accurate:

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A few more articles:


The main advantage of Perspective that we find is that the applications can be shared with a simple URL. No need to download the Vison application. This makes it quick and easy for production dashboards, etc.