Confused on "Alarm History" and "Alarm Analysis" pages of Demo project

I just copied the “Alarm History” and “Alarm Analysis” pages of Demo project to my own project. I only modified layout of the Alarm History window and datasource of Alarm Analytics in Alarm Analysis window. When I switch to preview mode in designer, everything is OK. But when I launch the project, it showed some pink area means error.

This is most likely legacy database access (Project properties in the designer -> client -> permissions), but to confirm go to Help -> Diagnostics in the client, then go to the Console tab and copy the output. Then paste it in here inside triple backticks:

your error message

Thank you for your replying, but the output of the Console is out of word limit. I save it as an txt file.
Console_Output.txt (38.7 KB)

I’ve found the reason and fixed it based on this link: ERROR(500): Error executing function 'RunQuery': The current user does not have the required roles for this operation