Connect and display an external HTTPS page

I have a satellite HMI service provider that don’t have an OPC connection software for viewing their tags on the Ignition HMI.

I want to display their HTTPS page in Ignition so that it looks like part of the Ignition project.

I know we can connect cameras and simple docs but can we display an HTTPS page in an Ignition screen? Like a window sized to display the content of the HTTPS page? Nav in it as if you are on their webpage etc.?

An example site is, with the user name and password of “guest & guest”.

If so please show me example code.

The easiest way is with the Web Browser module in 7.7. No coding required.

I have 7.6, so I will keep that in mind for future projects.

What about 7.6?

What is an example of the code and where do put it in my project?

It’s not easy in 7.6 (which is why we wrote the Web Browser module for 7.7. :slight_smile: )

Hopefully someone who has done this will chime in, but I’d be looking at and You’d be on your own for parsing and displaying the page you get with httpGet() – not a trivial task, but at least there’s no Javascript in the page you linked to.

I know you want to make this look like it’s in Ignition, but you may want to look at, too.