Connect docker with Kepware


I am trying to connect Kepware Server with Igntion. I am using ignition in docker and I am getting the error(attached image). Can anyone help me out with this issue. The Kepware is installed local machine.


You could try reaching out to the docker host at: host.docker.internal instead of that IP address.


I’ll also mention this thread which seeks a similar goal. Keep in mind [for the future] that host.docker.internal will only work on Docker Desktop and isn’t automagically available using just Docker Engine on Linux. See this reference from Docker docs for more information. But if you’re running KEPServerEx (thus you’re probably using Docker Desktop for Windows), you should be good.

Other thing I’ll mention is that you can pass in custom hostname->ip mappings to your container run configuration that might be helpful in certain situations (where you want to use a specific name for the OPC-UA address). See the --add-host guidance for docker run or extra_hosts key for Compose. Unfortunately this doesn’t let you alias the name, so you’d have to actually lookup what host.docker.internal points to and use that IP (hint: it is usually to access your host from within a container).


thanks @kgamble it helped.

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