Connect ignition project with mobile

I have perspective project in local host of my laptop… I want to acces that project in mobile.

I have download loaded ignition mobile app and pressed add gateway

Both are connected in same network

I mentioned my pc ip

But its showing “host invalid”

This is first time i am trying to do this

Please any one help me out

Probably not best to give your actual IP address, private as it may be.

Your mobile device must be on the same network or have some other means of access to the same network as your Gateway. Without that, then it will not be able to find the gateway. Also, I believe it needs to be a URL, something along the lines of:


If your phone and your laptop are on the same network, then your PC IP should work.
What OS is your laptop running? Assuming it’s Windows, you probably need to open port 8088 in the default Windows firewall.

Windows… Both are connected in same network only… I will try to open the port 8088