Connect Ignition UA server to a second Ignition UA server


I’am using Ignition to monitor remote sites.For one of this site, I have an ABB OPC DA server installed, which I’d like to connect to my main Ignition gateway thanks to the OpcCom Tunneller module.

Ignition UA server and OpcCom Tunneller have been successfully installed on the remote machine and work fine.

My problem is I can’t get the main Ignition gateway to connect to the remote Ignition UA server. I tried on the same machine as the main gateway with the OPC Unified Automation client and it works perfectly …

I don’t understand what I’am missing with the server connection configuration.
Here are the error messages I get from the console:

Error connecting to server: StatusCode[Severity=Bad, Subcode=Bad_ConnectionRejected]

I guess it should be either a certificate or a endpoints adress problem.

Thanks for your support.

Is the endpoint address on the remote server set up correctly? (UA Settings on the remote)

I did enter the local server adress which looks like
Should I better give the public adress ( ?

If the endpoint adress were wrong, I don’t understand how I can still successfully connect and read opc tags with the Unified Automation OPC client ?

In the console area of the gateway go to the levels tab and search for ‘ConnectionUtil’, turn that to TRACE, then let it try to connect. After a few attempts export the logs.bin.gz and either attach them here or send them to support.

logs file attached as requested.
logs.bin.gz (390 KB)

There’s an advanced setting when making the UA connection that allows you to override the endpoint address returned in the endpoint by the remote server - try setting that to the same value as the public IP you’re trying to connect to.

It looks like the server is bound to a 172.x.x.x address and is returning that in the endpoint and it’s not reachable remotely.

Hello Kevin, that was it.

I’ve put the public address as override host an it has just connected.

Thank you for your support,