Connect Ignition with multiple vlan

Hello everyone, i have a little architectural problem. I have an Ignition 7.9 server with multiple network cards. I have on my network machines with the same IP (we are working on changing this but will take a lot of time) on different vlans. I want to be able to address correctly this device with ignition, how could i do it? They are siemens PLC and Modbus device mainly, on the driver of siemens or Modbus TCP i dont see an option to select the NIC from which the communication should be stablished

You can't, directly. You will need something to provide network address translation. That could be a small router for each duplicate subnet. Or, if you have a network trunk in a hypervisor, it could be a collection of small VMs or containers that perform OS-level routing (NAT) via the correct trunked VLANs.

I would recommend that whether you use hardware or software, you arrange to have the NAT'd addresses match the future addresses you intend to use when you get it all straightened out.

My switch doens't have the ability of natting the connections, thats why i have many vlans, and this are many copies of the same system we have on plant, the builder use an standard on it IP selection, so many of the IPs are duplicated. We are working on changing the IPs with the providers, but it need to stop the system which would impact on productions so that is not happening soon. How would that OS-level routing be done? it

You need a bunch of OS's, one per duplicate VLAN. The simplest way to do that is with containers or VMs in a hypervisor.