Connect Measurement Tools and Digital Torque Wrenches

Hi there,

One of the things I would like to implement is have tools report to Ignition Perspective. 8.1. So we can bettter control the process. For example a Torque wrench should only perform 9 Nm. We would like to make sure that operator performed this task. Although torque wrenches have settings. We somehow need to record.

Besides connecting them to PLC and then MQTT. is there any alternative approach to establish connection between tools and Ignition. We currently utilize MQTT connection to connect with PLCs.

thank you

In industry, if the torque action is automated, the drivers (excuse the upcoming pun), come with industrial protocols.

e.g. Screwdriving technology, screwdriving systems and fastening systems with automatic feeding - Stöger Automation

how do we connect them via MQTT? what is the interface that we can utilize to connect?

The ones I experienced were connected to a Siemens (S7-400).

Protocol converters exist to take Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP, ProfiNet, etc, and "MQTT" it.

Newer PLCs support both the protocols listed above and can publish MQTT messages.

ok, so then I just need to make sure that these torque wrenches are compatible to connect with PLC.

You can probably also go down the IoT route of perhaps bluetooth to an Edge node. No experience or direct recommendations for you on that.