Connect Opto22 to Ignition

Hi, I’m trying to get some analog values frrom Opto22 to Ignition for trending purpose. I’ve looked around but can’t seem to figure out what I need. Basically, at this point all I have is Opto22 IP address and the tag names. How do I go about getting Ignition to get those tags? Turns out Opto22 has a module for the Ignition version 7.9 and above but the site has 7.8.4 and upgrading Ignition is not an option.

The module isn’t from Opto22, but from Cirrus Link. You might want to contact them to find out if they’ll recompile for v7.8.x. I regularly compile my modules to support multiple versions, so it certainly is possible.

Got it. I’ve asked the people at Cirrus Link, will post the update once I hear from them.

Kepserver could be an option.

Update: Ended up upgrading Ignition to 7.9.xx and it works.

I have an Opto22 SNAP-PAC-R2 controller. It speaks Modbus TCP. I’ve tried setting up the Modbus TCP driver in Ignition to pass some data through but I cannot seem to read from, or write to, any Modbus registers or coils. I have a Modbus slave simulator installed on my PC and I am able to read and write those registers but can seem to do that through Ignition. Has anyone tried this with an Opto22 controller?