Connect proface to Ignition

Hello, Does anyone have connected a proface directly using Ignition? I want to connect a proface LT4000M Series, but I have some problems getting information. I am using modbus over TPC driver, and the value that I want to get is allocated into [#INTERNAL]USR0040001

That's not a modbus address. Is the Proface a Modbus client or server? (Which end is issuing requests?)

Yes, is not the modbus address. The Proface is a client that I am trying to get that value. I cannot get this value using Quick connect(Ignition); I am mapping wrong the address.

That would mean the Proface is trying to connect to Ignition, not Ignition trying to connect to Proface. Please clarify.

Yes, proface is connected to Ignition.

Ignition's native driver doesn't support connections from Modbus clients. Only my alternate Advanced Modbus Driver can do that (its server mode).