Connect the SCADA sites to main sites

We are trying to find a proper way to connect the SCADA sites to the main sites.
Last time we’ve done temporary link using VSAT technology, the connection wasn’t so stable and we don’t really understand why ?

Can you tell what are the minimum link requirements, B.W Latency requirements.
Is the a spastic Q$A requirement for the VSAT side configuration as a requirement ?

I need help, asap please.

Please provide more information about what parts are where. Lots of protocols used in SCADA systems are very sensitive to latency, and are therefore big trouble across a satellite link.

Call or email “Cirrus Link” talk with them about you needs. MQTT may be a protocol that you could use.

Cirrus Link

You could also look at which allows integration of any two application over internet with a maximum latency of 500 ms for a packet of 250kb. We have developed a module to integrate ignition with other applications over internet using pub-nub in a cost effective way, please see our RM SCADA module on