Connect to CompactLogix via NET-ENI

i need to communicate to a compactlogix via 1761-NET-ENI. just typing in the IP address doesn’t do it. i don’t think this is currently supported and it looks like in the notes you guys are just getting a chance to test? Please let me know if anyone finds anything out

Try each of the following connection paths:


If you’ll look at the device properties (in RSLinx) and report the device type and product code, I’ll check the EDS file to confirm.

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none of those worked in the connection path. i can’t get to any of the properties because i’m VPN’d to a client network and only on the gateway server, which i can’t connect to but i can see the gateway webpage, can i access the ip address.

Sorry, you showed an RSLinx screenshot. I assumed you had access to a copy of RSLinx connected to the NET-ENI in question.

no reason to be sorry, by posting that picture (provided to me by the client) I was setting myself up by not saying I couldn’t check anything with linx. do you work for inductive or have experience with this NET-ENI module with use in ignition in the past?

I do not work for IA (see my profile). However, I am a registered vendor for Ethernet/IP, as I have done custom ‘C’ implementations for customers. And a custom implementation as a third-party module for Ignition. I haven’t used a NET-ENI in few years, and not with Ignition. But I am rather familiar with how the protocol is supposed to work.

Any follow-up on ignition support’s side as to issues with this before and/or has it even been tested. this is to a legacy compactlogix

Well, if you want an official response from Ignition support, you’ll need to ask Ignition support. That would be This forum is not official support.

That said, the CompactLogix models without built-in ethernet are not officially supported, and I don’t recall any successes with the NET-ENI. I was hoping at the time you tried that you’d change that.

Ok, sometimes I see support employees post on here so thought it was worth a shot. Phone support wasn’t that helpful last time, it basically went down the road of that they could not help any further without a wire shark snapshot to the plc to try and see what might be hanging up ignition from seeing it

What’s the connection path in studio/rslogix 5000 when you go online with this device? I’m not really sure what’s happening in that device tree.

I can’t tell if you need a connection path here and what it would be. Connections via NET-ENI are so difficult to get working. Sometimes the stupid things just need to be power cycled before they work.

Is the first post not what you’re looking for, because logix is just going to connect the same way using rslinx

I was talking about this:

Just wondering what that path ended up looking like.