Connect to PLCSIM Advanced 3 and OPC Client Connect for browsing

I’m trying to connect OPC Device PLCSIM using V.Ethernet Adapter (not PLCSIM because doesn’t supper OPC UA).I’m running PLCSIM Advanced 3 and TIA Portal on a VMachine. I’ve successfully created the instance and even ping the IP of the instance from the machine that holds the Ignition Gateway 8.0.6, but it seems to be a problem with the ports configuration. I’m adding the device to Ignition with the port of the created instance (5000) and correct IP, but isn’t working. It goes connect with port 102 but this doesn’t have sense (haven’t run nettoplc 12.4 in this try).

However in Runtime Manager port from PLCSIM Advanced 3 doesn’t support ports from 0-1024 and the usage of nettoplc is invalid.
What I want in a OPC Client Connection for browsing… but when I type: opc.tcp:// or opc.tcp://

Is important to say that I’ve made a PLCSIM connect with default port 102 with 3rd party software nettoplc 12.4 and got a value from a OPC tag showed in a DB from TIA.

It seems your are mixing some concepts here. If I understand what you have written, you want to connect to the OPC-UA server of the simulated CPU. The default port is 4840, unless you changed that in hardware configuration of your virtual CPU. 5000 is the management port of the Simulation and has nothing to do with OPC-UA. Port 102 is the Simatic protocol port of the virtual processor.
Of course you have to enable the OPC-UA server in the configuration of your simulated plc.
Have a look at this document and replace ‘simulink’ with Ignition in your mind.

About port 5000 you’re right I was confused, thanks for clarification. And Yes, I want OPC-UA sever. I also tried port 4840 with not success. I will try this