Connect to the ignition server remotely


I have a question regarding connecting to a gateway remotely.
Let me clarify this with what I have done so far.

I have a windows computer running the gateway on port 8080. The computer is hooked up to a router and the router is hooked up to the internet (It has a external IP / Public IP). The router is configured to port forward all incoming TCP/UDP packages to the static IP address of the computer running the gateway.
The port forwarding configuration looks like this:
Service Type: TCP/UDP
External starting port: 20
External ending port: 20
Internal starting port: 8080
Internal ending port: 8080
Internal IP address:

All this i located at location A.

From another location, lets call it location B, I have a computer from which I want to connect to the gateway. Location B has a different public IP-address. Here I open my browser and type in the public IP-address of location A followed by the external starting port. It looks like this:


I thought this would open the gateway but it won’t… What am I missing?

I have tried to ping the public IP-address of location A from location B and here it shows that the request times out?? Is there something basic network configuration that I have missed?

Hope someone can clarify what I need to do and please let me know if further information is needed.

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you’ve taken the right steps… maybe a few simple questions/suggestions…
1.According to
Port 20 is already reserved for FTP functions…you may want to try one of the unallocated ports?
2. Are you sure the server running on 8080 and not the default 8088?
3. It is not unreasonable for the ping command to fail… most routers ignore the requests by default.


If you’re using SSL (which you really should on a remote applicaiton like this), you will also need to forward port 8043.

Thanks for the replies.

I have now change my port forwarding setup:

When I type in “https://public IP:8043” I get en error message about the site can’t be reached…

Any suggestions?

Did you try that from a client on the local network? I’ve not used SSL connection before so not sure if there are any additional steps (windows firewall configuration ???) you need before that port is enabled… FYI, this page lists the most common ports for Ignition…

Thank you for the answers!

I found the issue to be in my firewall settings. It now works like charm!

Thanks for the link. It will be helpful later on :slight_smile:

Have a good day!