Connect UaExpert to OPC-UA server


I trying to connect to the Ingition’s OPC server using UAExpert (for the moment). I’m having problems.

I add “None” in the security poloicies. I also checked “Anonymous access allowed”. But is is not working.

I suspect I must change something in the “Bind Address” parameter. It is actually set to “localhost”. I want my server to accept any connection from the network.

Sone help would be very appreciated.


Change the bind address to and then restart the UA module or Ignition gateway.

It works… with security and authentication.

I’ve not been able to make it work without security and authentication… But it’s good.


What do your server settings look like now? Can you post a screenshot? I’ve never had any issues with UaExpert connecting in any configuration. It’s the one client that always works, even with our unusual default configuration that allows secure connections only.