Connect VideoJet Printer to Ignition over TCP Driver

Hi to all.
Recently I’m working with an industrial printer from Videojet brand.
The printer have a text communication protocol calling zipher, which send data over Ethernet using ASCII character.
It is possible to use TCP Driver for send commands to the printer like this:
Query: »GJL
Response from printer:


If it is, in fact, ASCII over Ethernet, then yes. Ensure that the writeback parameters are enabled and filled in correctly for the device.

I’m in the same boat. I have a laser marker that communicates through ASCII TCP/IP and receives commands and replies. I get how to set up the device, but am not sure how to actually send the commands. Do I set up a tag and just write to the tag, and then tag change script to listen for the response? Also the system uses ; and \ as field delimiters and must have these escaped. It’s no problem for me to ensure the message is correct I’m more worried about if ignition will modify the message through the driver. Thanks for your response.

If you put an r in front of your string, it will treat it as a raw string literal. Things like a backslash won’t get escaped.

print r'\Raw string'


\Raw string

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