Connect Win911 to Ignition

Can I connect Win911 to Ignition using the OpcCom Module?

Is there any other way to connect Win911 to Ignition so that an Ack get through to Ignition?


I have used SCADAPhone (very similar to Win911) on a couple of jobs with Ignition. What I normally do for the Ack back to Ignition is set up a dummy register in the PLC, and have SCADAPhone/Ignition look at that register for the “Global Acknowledge.” Not the most ideal setup, but it does work.


you can use a odbc to opc server. kepware makes one. … Driver.asp

You can’t directly connect to Win911 using the OPC-COM module. I had to use KepWare, then connect Win911 to Kepware and Ignition to Kepware using the OPC-COM module, you can use OPC-UA to connect to Kepware, but its a few more steps because you have to set up certificates. Also note that the there is a bug with OPC-UA connection dropping out and not reconnecting. I don’t know if this has been resolved yet.


Set Win911 alarm to acknowledge on return to normal, then you are going to have to write some script that sets a tag when in alarm condition and resets it when an acknowledge button is pressed in Ignition.

TopView SQL from Exele can do what you need by using the SQL tables in Ignition.

We have added some details of integrating TopView SQL to Ignition. … /index.htm