Connected: browse pending

Having issues with one of my device connections it will say connected browse pending or downloading i disabled automatic browsing and i still have the same issue. My connection is a Allen-Bradley ControlLogix (Legacy) connected to an AB L62 V20. This happens randomly every few days i go in refresh the device connection a few times and it will go away and come back constantly. Sometimes for an hour and sometimes for 5 min.

What firmware version?

allen bradley V20

That’s just the major version. What is the minor version? What is ‘x’ in 20.x ?


What about the version of the 1756-ENxT that the connection goes through? (Should try to make sure that is fully updated.)

its revision 4.001

The ENBT has a known bug (Per Rockwell’s release notes) in its handling of CIP connections prior to 4.007. Try upgrading that firmware.

i have 2 enbt’s on that rack that go to different networks I tried them both the other one is revision 6.001 and it does the same thing so I’m not sure its the revision

Out of ideas. Probably need support to look over your shoulder while it is happening.