Connecting 2 active directorys on 1 project

Good day,

We are using 2 separate active directory`s for the user accounts.
Active directory 1 is for the company users.
Active directory 2 is for the customers.

Is it possible to connect both active directory’s to one ignition project?

Our ICT department is not allowing a "thrust"on both active directory`s.

You could try using the Failover Source for the security profile.

(from the website, using Ignition 7.6.6)
Configure -> Security -> Users, Roles
Create new User Source…
Choose Active Directory
Click Next

If you did this once before, you could use the first profile in Failover Source and set it to be Soft for the Failover Mode.

(I couldn’t find anything in the User Manual to give you a better explanation. Sorry.)

Thank you for the reply.

I am now able to connect 2 active directory`s on one project with help of the failover mode.
Now we have:
Source 1: Employees
Source 2: Customers

I have tested the login with accounts of both sources and this works fine but when i want to list the connected users I only get the users from source 1. (even when i look in the gateway userlist)
The LDAP stings are allready tested and ok.
I can view the user list of source 1.
I can`t view the user list of source 2.

Try this:

users = system.user.getUsers("Employees")

for user in users:
    print str(user.Username) + ": " + str(user.get(user.FirstName)) + " " + str(user.get(user.LastName))

users = system.user.getUsers("Customers")

for user in users:
    print str(user.Username) + ": " + str(user.get(user.FirstName)) + " " + str(user.get(user.LastName))

More info in help

Thank you for the replay but this thous not solve my problem.

When I look at the gateway for the user list I can see the Users from the Employee source but not from the Customer source.

I tested the test account from the Customer source and it works with a username and password that is registered in the Costumer source. This means that the source is valid is works. The strange thing is that the testuser account is not listed in the gateway or project user list.

I also noticed a other problem:
When i assign roles to a user, the security settings are updated but the do not apply the security settings in the project for this user.
When i connect the project with a database for user verification and role assignment the security settings are working great.