Connecting a Bosch Rexroth L45 PLC

Anyone connected Ignition to a Rexroth L45 PLC? Not sure what driver to select and I was hoping it used modbus bu no luck yet.


Thanks for any help!

Kepware list this family of processors as supported by their CODESYS driver. That presumably handles query/response access to tags in that processor. Per the datasheet you provided, you also have the option to use Ethernet/IP as I/O, which can be connected to Ignition via my Ethernet/IP Class1 Communications module.

I tried Kepware and even got a tech on the phone. No luck yet connecting to Rexroth yet though he had me using a portqry tool to seek out ports. I also contacted Bosch Rexroth and the point me to there web configuration manual. I am able to connect to the PLC’s builtin Web app now and I am able to login as admin and see configuration and values. It also shows me the port of the PLC but still no luck with Kepware. So, I’m looking at your Ethernet/IP Class1 module help trying to figure that out. I have to say I am lost at what to do. I installed the module. Got that part but not sure what to do other than supply an ip address.

Ethernet/IP Class1 is the I/O side of the Ethernet/IP specification. (Access to named tags and messaging is Class3.) At its simplest, you would create a virtual I/O module in Ignition with my module, and point the Bosch PLC at it. You would create tags in the virtual module and collect them into three numbered “assemblies”, one for input, one for output, and one for configuration (may be empty). You create matching I/O buffers in the Bosch processor (this may require a custom EDS file–varies by brand) and point the Bosch at Ignition (as an I/O device). The tags in the virtual I/O module are visible to Ignition’s OPC server. Read and write to those as the I/O protocol takes care of moving the data.

You will not get traditional read/write access to the memory of the Bosch processor with my module.

Um. You will need the CODESYS programming tools for the Bosch family to do the Bosch side of this setup. If you don’t have access to the program in your PLC, and the ability to modify it, setting up I/O traffic won’t be possible.

I don’t know that special processor, but for all CoDeSys variants, you have to configure symbolic access and download the configuration to the plc. Here is a link to the CoDeSys docs.

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What I am learning is this Rexroth PLC is built for Motion control so its not like a normal PLC,. Apparently you can’t get the program from the PLC. So, the program is only in the hands of the vendor. thanks for your help. I’m not giving up, where there a will there’s a way.

Based on @chi’s comment, you might be able to get the vendor to enable symbolic access. Then the Kepware driver might (probably?) work.

Found the solution to connecting to a Bosch Rexroth L45 PLC using the Modbus driver and port 502. When using an AB 1783-NATR device between the Machine network and Corp LAN, you must open additional ports. The NATR comes built with only the following ports open: 80, 443, 2222, 44818. You can add 5 additional ports in the translation table using the Custom Rule button. Note: you must reset device before it will take effect. Then you must add the addresses manually using ranges.