Connecting a third-party OPC client to Ignition OPC-UA Server

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I have a project that is currently trying to use the third-party OPC client to connect to the Ignition OPC-UA Server. The thirdy-party client is PI OPC Client from PI Historian. The client can detect other OPC servers except the Ignition OPC-UA Server.
I am using localhost as my endpoint address for testing for both the server and the client on the same machine.

How do you make the OPC-UA Server discoverable to the OPC client?




Something you might want to check is the port number. PI Connector for OPC UA uses port 4840 by default, but Ignition uses 4096. The other thing to check, which I ran into, was that the default is to not allow anonymous access to Ignition’s OPC UA Server. You can turn this on and it will connect without a problem, but if not, you will likely want to create another user in the opcua-module profile for the PI Connector (unless you want to use the default Ignition one, which is opcuauser/password. Of course, because the Ignition OPC-UA Server’s certificates are self-signed, they will naturally be untrusted. You will have to move them from the (C:\Program Files\PIPC\Connectors\OpcUa\pkiclient) rejected to the trusted folder in the PI Connector installation folder as well.

I hope that helps.

Dear Herbie,

Thank you sir for your reply. I have disregard the PI OPC Client and transferred to Matrikon OPC Explorer. I am using the Matrikon client because the Matrikon OPC-UA Tunneller can be downloaded as trial version for testing. I don’t have access for the PI Connector for OPC-UA. I also used the UAExpert for additional comparison.



If your intent was just to browse tags and not use the PI Connector for OPC-UA to collect data into PI Historian or PI AF, then I would stay away from that. I have used UAExpert (free) to connect and view the tags, and this works extremely well. Ignition also has a client built into the web configuration screens, but wouldn’t be something I would want most users using.

Glad you got what you needed.


Hello, I want to dig up this post because I am in a similar problem and I do not know how to solve it, I want to see the labels of the opc server (which is installed locally) to the opc client (which is in the cloud) but I can not have communication because it says that it cannot find the server, I would greatly appreciate any comment that could help me, thank you.

This isn’t really an OPC question, but a basic networking issue. Most local installs are behind firewalls and in private (non-publicly-routable) addresses. Ideally, you would set up a VPN to give your cloud computer access inside your plant. There are other possibilities, but none secure enough to recommend.

is there any vpn option that you can recommend me to do this?
thanks for answering

I use OpenVPN for all of my own, custom VPN solutions. My big clients tend to use Checkpoint or Cisco.

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