Connecting alarms between 2 gateways


This might be a simple answer, that i just purely overlooked, but what i want to do is connect alarms coming from gateway 1 and gateway 2 where tagpaths are filtered like by Controllers . Also would want to show them form a single alarm journal table in perspective (like a alarm journal) and also only have a 1 alarm pipeline on gateway 1 (which is triggered from an alarm where the path name is Controllers either from gateway 1 or 2) that will send a email for the fault to an email that is forwarded to a slack channel.

Can I just somehow log the different gateway alarms to a single database connections (2 different journals on each gateway connected to 1 database)

I want it to be scaleble (if we get more gateways, so the alarm pipeline would be only form 1)

Running 8.1.30

Thank you for reading my problem. Any answer is helpful. What could be the best approach.


Can you make a gateway network connection between these gateways and utilize remote tag providers? Another option would be to leverage messaging for the data exchange.