Connecting Edge Gate to Gateway Network

Hey all,

I have an Edge Panel Gateway that we are trying to connect to the main gateway. We’ve set up an outgoing connection on our main gateway going to the edge. Both gateways have had their web portal port changed to 80 instead of 8088 on the the GCU. When I set up the outgoing connection to the IP on port 80 it faults out. I have SSL unchecked. Besides firewall issues is there anything else?


The gateway network uses a completely different port. (I don’t remember the default.) Check that in your GAN settings and make sure your WAN allows that traffic.

Gateway Network should be on port 80 on your system if you are not using SSL. What is the exact error? Also, you can try disabling websockets under the outgoing connection settings on the outgoing gateway and see if it will work using pure HTTP.

I installed the ignition gateway as my remote gateway. Then I set up an ignition full as my main gateway, then I tried to communicate using gateway network in outgoing connection using port 8060, when I approved it in the ignition edge gateway the status on my main gateway is faulted. Am i doing it right in communication of ignition to ignition edge?