Connecting ethernet capable Eaton Power Monitor PXM2000

I have a Eaton PXM2000 ethernet capable power monitor. I am not sure what driver to use or if there is a 3rd party software that would allow me to connect this as a device in Ignition.

I got this from their web site and a Google Search. It looks like you should be able to use the Modbus TCP driver to connect. You’ll have to do a little research on that link on their web site to define the register mapping.

[quote] Modbus TCP/IP—Modbus TCP/IP
over Ethernet is available on the
following Power Xpert products:
Foreseer Services, Power Xpert
Software, Power Xpert Meters
2000/4000/6000/8000, Power
Xpert Gateways and Power Xpert
Gateway UPS and PDP Cards.
Modbus register maps
are available online at[/quote]

I am currently using the Eaton Power Monitoring Gateway PXG600. I use the modbus addressing and it works really well. The most important thing is to get the “modbus address map” for the field device which will show you the correct registers to use. The correct register is very important. I can post some screenshots tomorrow if I get any time in the office. Your gateway will need to be the “data collection” hub if you will; of the modbus network. You have to commission each of the field devices within that gateway before ignition can read it. I have allot of experience with this topic. If I can help just let me know more about your system.

From their manual here:

[quote]Obtaining the Modbus Register Map
To view a list of the Modbus registers in your UPS:

  1. From the card’s Web page, click the Modbus TCP Register Maps link
    under Documentation on the menu bar.
  2. Select the hardware type from the Select a map to generate
    pull-down menu.
  3. Click View Register Map. A dialog box opens.
  4. Click Open to view or Save to save the file.
    NOTE The Modbus file is a comma-separated values (*.csv) file that can be opened in
    Microsoft Excel software. Some computer configurations automatically open the files in the
    Microsoft Excel software instead of prompting you to save.
  5. If you selected Save, select a location for the
    pxgx-modbus-uid-XXX.csv file, where XXX is the UnitID of the
    requested map.
    NOTE Some browsers leave a blank window open after you save or view the file. Close the

Here is screenshot 1 of the gateway device

Here is screenshot 2 of the Tag Structure for one of the field devices attached to the Eaton Gateway

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You will absolutely need the “modbus address map” as Nathan has indicated.

Can you please post more screen shots of the address mapping?
I cannot get this to work for whatever reason. I tried 4 for prefix, 4000 for start, 4020 for end, (I tried 1,3, and 255 for uid) and the modbus address is 1. No luck. Keep getting this error, The value is an initial value for a variable that normally receives its value from another variable.

Here is a picture of the advanced portion of the settings.

Power Xpert Meter 2000 Modbus TCP Register List.pdf (31.1 KB)
I also uploaded the modbus map for your device, it does say it support modbus tcp. Should be able to formulate an opc data string like I did in the UDT but leave out the node address.

Picture 02compressor1

final pic

I am not sure how much more I can help on the forum. I have been using Ignition for many years now. One thing I personally forget about until it comes around each year is how many thousands of dollars I pay for support every year. Dont forget you could likely call tech support and they could help you in minutes versus hours and days on the forum. I value learning the hard way; but I also have many other responsibilities to my widget-co than just supporting Ignition. so I am less hesitant to call support because of it.

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