Connecting Ignition 8.1 to AutoSol

Are there instructions about connecting Ignition 8.1 to AutoSol?

Via OPC UA or OPC Classic?

it will be OPC UA

Like any other OPC UA connection setup, it will be similar to this: Connecting to Kepware OPC-UA - Connecting to OPC Servers

I am getting a UaException: status=Bad_ConnectionRejected… Connection refused

This is a basic network-level error. A TCP connection could not be opened. The server is not running, not listening on the IP/port you configured, or maybe a firewall is in the way.

Thank you for the reply, working through it.

Ping is good,
Firewall is off. – Still added a port rule for 62541 in and out on TCP. On the Ignition server.
We have added certificates as far as I know.

Does Autosol use port 62541?

We now believe the port it is using is not open.