Connecting Ignition to ABB PM583-ETH PLC

Hi looking for a bit of help as to the best way to connect Ignition to a ABB PM583-ETH PLC. Has anyone done it and if so how??

From a brief look at the tech data for that PLC it looks like it supports Modbus, which Ignition has a driver for. Other than that you’ll probably need to use a 3rd-party OPC-[DA|UA] server and make an OPC connection from Ignition to pull in the data.

Thanks Kevin… I’ll probably have to go down the 3rd Party OPC route.
Happy Thanks Giving by the way.

FYI, Kepware doesn’t have any drivers for talking with ABB PLC’s (other than Modbus/TCP) either. I asked them if anything was in the works and they said not at this time. That was about 3 months ago so maybe that’s changed since.

Perhaps Makitron has some drivers but I haven’t looked.

ABB PLC’s are relatively new to the game so I’m not sure when they will get native OPC drivers.