Connecting Ignition to Proleit

I was told to connect Ignition to Proleit. I have IP addresses for the PLC, the Proleit server, and an OPC-UA connection (this one has a port number as well). I don’t know where to start here and neither does my coworker. Neither of us are familiar with the steps to set up a new connection between the two systems.

I tried following the docs but it says " Connection refused: no further information: " when I type in any of the IP addresses.

Do I need to add a device first? Is that different than adding an OPC UA connection? All of the other devices listed are PLCs, so would the device be the PLC (S7 400 drivers, I think) or a TCP connection (assuming the OPC UA connection happens over TCP)?

Any advice is appreciated.

What is Proleit? Does it have an OPC UA server? Following the general flow for connecting to Kepware is the right move if so, but it assumes you have the right info and that the server is set up to receive connections and there’s no firewall blocking it.

Its a process control system. It may not have an OPC server, I think my coworker copied an old project’s settings over and that was an old IP that Proleit was connected to.
I’ll have to look into the firewall/network settings and double check everything

My sys admin swears it’s not a firewall issue. I think I’m misunderstanding how the process control system, PLC, OPC server, and gateway are connected to each other. We have multiple devices and multiple OPC connections already configured.
If we already have the OPC-UA server running in the gateway and connected to a PLC, do we need to configure a new one to add another PLC? (and could it be on the same gateway?)
I’ve tried to configure a new device through the gateway and gave it the IP of the PLC but it cycles between connecting and disconnected.

Well, if Ignition can reach that PLC and it has some data you need from it, then yes, you would just add a device connection using the Siemens driver.

You said you were told to “connect Ignition to Proleit”, though, so I’m not sure how that would satisfy the requirement.

To me, it doesn’t really matter how they’re connected, either via the PLC directly, Ignition’s OPC server, or an external one with Ignition as the client OPC server. As long as Ignition can read from the tags.

Sorry if the original post wasn’t clear, I have never had to work with this part of Ignition before and I’m probably getting the jargon/acronyms/software mixed up.