Connecting OPC UA device to Ignition

I have Ingersoll Rand Torque Drivers that have the open protocol for OPC-UA. How do I get them connected to Ignition without a specific driver created for it? I'm assuming I need some other device to connect to it that ignition can already talk to in order to pull this off. Does anyone have a general layout for connecting devices that are OPC-UA compliant from a hardware and software standpoint. Do I need to create a driver? I'm operating in Ignition 7.9 still with plans to go to 8.1.

See if 7.9's gateway page has a menu option for OPC CLIENT | OPC Connections. If it does then create the connection there.

Yeah OPC Connections in the gateway is the way to go heres the docs page on how to create that connection.

Thanks I guess I missed that in the manual when skimming and thought I needed a driver to connect to an OPC device.

No, OPC is kind of a common data exchange format and the idea is that any OPC client should be able to read from any OPC server. OPC UA (Unified Architecture) makes this much easier and (if I've got it right) allows it to work on non-Microsoft platforms (such as Linux and PLC firmware) with the addition of secure communications.

It is worth noting that Ignition itself uses the OPC client functionality to make a (loopback) connection to its own OPC server (preset out of the box). The OPC client capability is part of the Ignition platform. The OPC server is a separate module, and is a dependency for all of Ignition's native drivers.