Connecting Perspective with Vision

Dear supporters,

based on the documentation, I understood that perspective is a module rather oriented to mobile devices while vision is the project based structure in the sense that it is the configuration used at computers and control rooms. Do they talk to each other and if so, how?. If there is a control panel created in perspective, do I need to recreate it from scratch at the designer if I want to have them in both perspective and vision?. Or once it is created in perspective (or viceversa, into the designer) can I automatically connect it to the designer (or to perspective) without repeating its creation?

Thanks a lot

First of all, they talk to each other like different clients talk to each other: they visualise and write to the same tags.

You can show a perspective client inside a vision client. That requires the additional “Web Browser” module. There is however almost no direct communication between the two. Even login information isn’t passed on by default (so when logged in to the vision client, you’ll have to log in to perspective to also see that screen).

The other way (showing a vision screen inside perspective) is not possible, as browsers can’t run Java apps.

If you want to have more or less the same info on both, a perspective and a vision screen, you indeed need to make it twice.

Also, while Perspective was originally conceived as a sort of ‘replacement mobile module’, with Perspective Workstation coming in 8.1, a lot of the gap between Vision and Perspective has been closed. Vision is absolutely more mature at present, with a larger builtin component library and generally less learning curve if used to other SCADA systems, you absolutely can design your entire system in Perspective and never use Vision in a greenfield project.