Connecting Prosoft MV146-DFNT card to Ignition OPC Devices

I am trying to connect a Prosoft MV146-DFNT module to my local ignition gateway via the OPC Devices. The card and SLC 5/04 processor together emulate a SLC 5/05 processor. I have added it as a SLC device but there is an issue with the connection path. Has anyone connected to a card like this in the past? Any help is appreciated. I am using Ignition 8.1.1.

UPDATE: Spoke to a Prosoft Engineer and he revealed that the card is only compatible with OPC-DA servers. Also, out of the 80 or so PCCC commands used to talk to SLC or PLC5 processors, this card only supports 8 as well as CIP data table writes and reads.
Supported commands:
PLC2 Unprotected Write
PLC5 Typed Write
PLC5 Word Range Write
PLC Typed Write
PLC2 Unprotected Read
PLC5 Typed Read
PLC5 Word Range Read
PLC Typed Read

I have not been able to make an OPC-DA connection between Ignition and the MVI46. I have been using this post as a guide to set up the connection: