Connecting to a MicroLogix 1500 thru an ENI

I know, ENIs suck… That said, I am trying to connect to a ML1500 through an ENI. When I connect using RSLinx everything works and I am turning off the connection from RSLinx while trying to connect using Ignition so I don’t hit a connection limit.

If I leave the connection path blank the status stays at Connecting: Protocol: EIP. If I put anything into the path is stays at Connecting: Protocol: Bridged_EIP.

Any ideas?


There’s a couple advanced setting on the driver - use zero TNS and disable browse - try toggling one or both of those and seeing if you can connect.

It was disable browse. Thanks!!

Yep… unfortunately this means you nothing will show up when you go to browse the device in the OPC browser - you’ll have to manually create and address SQLTags instead of drag n’ dropping them.