Connecting to a PLC on a DLR network

I see some discussions about connection problems asking the person to verify that ports are not set up in DLR mode but I can't find anything about what to do if they are on a DLR network. I have a L72 v24 with a EN2TR in slot 1. I'm assuming there is an E-Tap in the ring. I'm working remotely and I don't have the prints for that plant.
Any advice?

Don't assume.

Get someone to physically verify.

Why would you care if ports are set up in DLR mode? DLR mode ports that aren't actually connected in a ring behave as a three-port switch transparently. If you can reach that chassis and its processor at all, DLR mode is not itself the problem.

My number 1 reason for not being able to connect to a PLC over a network is that the default gateway is not set on the PLC.


I was sent this Linx tree and that shed more light on it. I ended up using the 188 IP address and a path of 1,16,2,,1,0

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Good advice. We found that the connection to the DLR was actually through a second network card in one of the racks which put us on the correct path to the PLCs.

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